Spacey Wacey :) (spacetraveler9) wrote in concert_stories,
Spacey Wacey :)


So, yeah, I went and saw GWAR last nite. That has to be by far the BEST show or gig I've ever been to. I was in the pit from start to finish, and the only thing that happened to me was that I slipped in beer. HA!! I had much fun. I was drenched in the "blood", and also got green slime shit on me that wouldn't come off in the shower this morning. WOW. It was great. Much fun. Oh, and then after the show, I couldn't find my friend Sherrie, so I was looking all over for her and I was like "I LOST MY FRIEND!!". Afterwards I shared a cigarette with this one green guy. lol. Oh, it was fucking great!! Yep. Fun fun. Next show: Lunarclick, Rurik, and the Dreaming @ the Whisky. Same place as the GWAR show, and I hope that the green shit didn't stain the floor. hahaha!!
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