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Lower Class Brats, Anti-Dote, some other band, and eh, the causalties...

So, last night I went to see these bands. The first two kicked ass, couldn't really remember the songs, didn't make much of an impact. But oh, when Lower Class Brats came on, it was fucking amazing!! Moshed with the guys, and then some girl grabbed me and we moshed together. My friend Jose was there and he moshed a bit with me, but I had to stop a few times because of my breathing problems (oh, thank you asthma!). I was a bit offended though... I'm used to throwing it down with guys who are at least 200 lbs... and I mean being hit and punched and kicked and slammed FULL FORCE from these guys. I didn't even get a damn bruise!
I am offended!
But hey, LCB kicked ass as usual.

I left during the casualties 'cause let's face it kids, they fucken suck.
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For some reason, I like getting bruises... because you can make people feel sorry for you... yeahda.