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Ah, I went to the show last night, but they changed the bill like a week or so ago. Here was the lineup:

Bad Samaritans -- Were fucking awesome. I enjoyed their performance with the exception of two dumb ass blonde bitches turning their backs on them and flipping them off. I wanted to punch them so badly. They were standing next to me. The singer blew a snot on them. It was funny.

2 Cents -- Kicked all sorts of ass. Did a punk cover of the Simpson's theme song, and also the King of the Hill song. Kicked all sorts of ass. All I have to say 'bout that.

D.I. -- Also kicked all sorts of ass. I anticipated the song "Richard Hung Himself". I thought that they weren't going to play the song, but it turned out to be the last song they did. Was fucken awesome.

The Dickies -- This is the part of the show where I discover that there are two other people from my German class there. I almost elbowed this one girl in the face during "Gigantor". During one of the songs he wore a scuba mask and was playing around with a blow up sex doll. Another song he had this big hand puppet shaped like a penis with balls on the end. That was awesome. Kicked ass.

The Adicts -- WOW!! Serious awesomeness. Monkey had on his sequins and fancy outfits, and threw out confetti and streamers and big blow up balls to the crowd. It was so fun!! The first song they played was "Viva La Revolution", and I was in the back. But sometime during "Easy Way Out" I merged in this big mass of people from the back of the crowd to up to the stage. And then we all sung along and had a jolly ole time. I was covered in sweat and grime and grossness. It was wonderful.

After the show I discovered for the first time that the busses here in Long Beach stop running after 12:00. Which means I had to call for a ride home. It was cold, but it was well worth it. I scored some free cd's and buttons. Also a cd for two dollars. Kick ass.

My first time seeing the adicts. I look forward to seeing them again!!
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