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concert_stories's Journal

Concert Stories
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Welcome to concert_stories !! This is the community where you can come and share your concert experiences. Tell people who played, how they played, and if you want to; what songs they played.

This is a great way to introduce new bands to people.

You can post about any band/genre of music. Feel free to post experiences, pictures, ect.

The rules are simple and few;

1. No fighting or bashing anyone for the band(s) they like.

2. No posting quiz results. Save that for you privated journal, please.

3. Nothing non-concert related. That would defeat the purpose of posting in here.

4. Don't advertise your community in here unless it has something to do with concerts.

5. If you have pictures (big or more than one), please please PLEASE! put it behind an LJ cut.

And that about covers everything. I hope people come and enjoy this community!