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Well, I'm new here and I have a recent concert story of my own, among the many others that I have.
**Friday, January 23d, I went to a local place called Old City Java to see local band, Straight Line Stitch, put on a show to the small crowd which the venue can legally hold. Before the band played, I took off my shirt and jacket to remove my purse [which was under my shirt]. Apparently, one of my guy's friends saw and delivered the wrong information while calling my guy. Somebody had just ripped off my clothes and I did not know about it. Halfway through the set, during one of the songs, I'm in there moshing for the fun of it, and here comes my guy, storming into the small venue with three other people, demandin to see the person who ripped off my clothes. I had an asthma attack laughing my bum off because he's yelling at me, I don't know what is going on, and I'm trying to mosh all at the same time in a room full of cig smoke. After I told my guy what happened, I laughed even harder, and had to sit in the bathroom because I couldn't breathe and was raping my inhaler.
That has to be by far the most interesting Friday show I've ever been to.
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